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Bob Bevil

Founder and Managing Director, Inspiramos

Bob has over 25 years of experience within the sales, training and management environment and is the Managing Director of Inspiramos Ltd which has been trading since 2008.  His expertise includes the building and leading of the training department in Britain’s fastest growing pharmaceutical company, management coaching and development, providing consultative advice to major training departments in healthcare, managing product portfolios through acquisitions and training teams on new product launches.  Interestingly prior to all of this he started his career as a psychiatric social worker and counsellor and only moved into pharmaceutical sales in 1995.

Bob is also an award-winning, published and accredited training and development professional with a proven track record in assessing organisational, group, and individual learning needs and meeting them in a way that truly challenges values and beliefs. As and INLPTA Certified NLP Master Practitioner and election to the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning as a Fellow he formed Inspiramos.

The motivation for forming Inspiramos was a simple one, to provide unique training and development solutions tailored to the exact requirements of valued clients. With an extensive experience in training and development roles within public and private sector organisations it became clear to him that the number of providers offering a truly bespoke consultancy were few and far between. This observation, coupled with the broadness of the training and development experience heralded the formation of Inspiramos.

Bob’s key strength is the translation of established theories of best practice into practical skills that can be used on a day-today basis to enhance interpersonal relationships and profitability in the workplace. Bob is also a Strengthscope® accredited practitioner. He is particularly passionate about selling skills, account management skills and management skills but his repertoire embraces all aspects of personal professional engagement. He is a regular speaker at both industry and medical sector events and his clients span from pharmaceutical companies and the NHS to media houses and the Extended Leadership team of the Met Police.  Bob has the ability to flex to the needs of each individual client and is regularly invited back again and again which is testament to his friendly nature and determination to ensure each client is more than satisfied with the work of Inspiramos.


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